PrettySee Dental Cleaning Tools Kit Dental Hygiene Kit Dentist Pick Tools Dentist Prepared Tools, Set of 9

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This set comes with 9 pieces of dental care tools for home use! If you can't remove stubborn plaque and tartar from your teeth with a toothbrush, this dental cleaning tools kit will definitely help you. The set will bring you white teeth and fresh breath to make you feel more confident.

Material: stainless steel
Surface technology: sanding
Product size (about)
tweezers: length 6.2''/15.7cm
tongue scaler: length 6.1''/15.4cm
plaque remover: length 5.5''/14cm
burnisher: length 6.7''/16.9cm; length 6.7''/17cm
dental mirror: length 6.3''/16.1cm
Tartar scraper: length 6.6''/16.7cm
probe: length 6.3''/16cm; length 6.8''/17.2cm
Package size (about): length 8.1''/20.5cm; width 3.1''/8cm; height 1.2''/3cm
Weight (about): 9.1oz/258g
Color: silver
Package list: 1 pair of dental tweezers; 1* tongue scaler; 1* plaque remover; 2* burnishers; 1* dental mirror; 1* tartar scraper; 2* dental probes; 1* carry case

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