What is Acne?

What exactly are we up against here?

Acne is a hereditary condition of your skin’s pores. An academic pore sheds too many layers of skin in a day, about 5 layers. A healthy pore sheds about 1 layer of skin in a day. All these dead layers of skin then accumulate inside of your pore creating a pustule or papule (acne). This is known as retention hyperkeratosis.

So why doesn’t my sister, brother, mom, dad, whoever, have acne?

Well, there has to be a trigger. Something happening internally or externally that is triggering the acne to appear on the skin’s surface.

Commonly these would be:

  • Imbalanced hormones
  • Stress
  • Poor gut health
  • Too much iodine in your diet
  • Poor clogging ingredients
  • Certain medications

When your pore starts accumulating these extra dead skin cells a  starts to form. You can’t see them but they’re lurking below the surface. In fact, these start forming as far as 90 days before they ever show on your skin. This is why my programs are designed to be 3-4 months long, and why I won’t be having you spot treating your acne, rather we will be treating your entire face, back, shoulders, any skin.


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