Tips For Electric Toothbrush

Choosing a toothbrush is not as simple as it may seem from the first sight. It’s a thing of personal hygiene items and it’s got to meet the individual requirements of each customer. In our review, we’ve selected some of the best and most popular electric toothbrushes for sale that should accommodate the most fleck of the audience, including those with sensitive gums, implants, and crowns.


The prime criterion we’d recommend you to pay attention to is the performance of every single brush. Usually, the strength of bristles action is predetermined by the source power and speed controls, intruded in a handle. The units charged via an accumulator are commonly recognized as more powerful and effective in removing the plaque and build-up calculus. The count of strokes per minute reaches 40,000-45,000 which you’d never achieve with a manual toothbrush unless you move your hand really really fast (still impossible). However, they might appear to be more aggressive than it’s required for people with hypersensitivity of teeth and enamel. Battery-operated brushes act milder on teeth and gum line, but yet, ensure excellent cleaning results. Besides, the lack of need to keep it plugged in the outlet makes it a perfect companion during journeys and trips.


We’d also like to focus on each brush operation capability. A decent toothbrush should have at least two-three operating modes to let you vary the speed and use the optimal level of intensity. In this part, we’ve taken into account the reviews of our customers and the way they felt after brushing the teeth.

Additional Features

We also looked into convenience features. What works for one customer will not necessarily work for another one. The same goes about comfort. We’ve compared the size of a handle, an included set of brushing heads, installation process and some extra options like polishing, gum massage, and whitening. Besides, different models offer different additional features. You can opt either for a basic toothbrush with simple and straightforward functionality or go for a newfangled model with Bluetooth tracking opportunities. Not all of the features are designed for enhanced efficiency and practicality, and yet, quite often they become a defining factor as to buy or not to buy a toothbrush.

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