Remember Buying One Eyeshadow Instead of a Palette?
In a world of eyeshadow palettes it can seem like single eyeshadows have gotten completely shoved to the side. I’m always excited about new eyeshadow palette releases even though it is literally the last thing I could possibly need in my vanity! Now listen up, I love an eyeshadow palette! I use one almost every day! They are great for travel and you can find some that are small but still offer a great variety for a few different eye looks, or you can find huge eyeshadow palettes with a wide variety of shades.

But sometimes a simple single eyeshadow is all you need! I recently purged my vanity table and these were the only single shadows I kept! And after seeing them again I was reminded about how great they are.

The most uncomplicated eye look can be done with a little bit of concealer or foundation and one single eyeshadow. Simply apply concealer or foundation on the eyelid as a base, to even out the skin on the eye and covering any discoloration. Then pick a color slightly darker than your skin to apply in a sweeping motion to the crease. It should take no time and you’ll have a dimensional look with only one shadow!

You can also use eyeshadow in a more pigmented way by applying it with a wet, tightly packed brush, like this smudge brush from Sephora.

The shadows are named and linked below if you care to check them out. Of the bunch, I love using Urban Decay Teased or L’Oreal Cafe Au Lait in my crease area. Urban Decay Laced is pretty all over the eye, as well as NARS Ashes to Ashes.

Urban Decay Secret Service is great for a darker eye or a smudge along the lower lash line. And if you are into shimmer, the Nude Glow from Maybelline is gorgeous!

NARS Ashes to Ashes. NARS- Ondine. Urban Decay-Secret Service. Urban Decay-Laced. Urban Decay-Teased. Maybeline New York-Nude Glow. L’Oreal Colour Rich-Cafe Au Lait.
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