Massage Away!
What a great little wooden massage comb scalp massage brush for massaging scalp! Love how this feels and can only hope it is also helping to distribute natural oils down the hair shaft to ends. The placement of the bristles is wide enough apart to go through hair smoothly and release tangles. Ends of bristles are rounded so there is no scraping of the scalp. Where the ends meet the base, there is some "give" to allow the bristles to flow with the shape of the area being brushed/massaged.

Need to inquire from the seller the best way to clean this brush since there is the potential of cleaning agent/water getting between base material and wood backing. Haven't done this yet, but will. Other than that, I think this is a great massage too and would recommend.

This is a very stylish functional brush. I use it in the shower for my kids as it is all wooden and I know it will not rust with the water. It is very light weight an durably made. The bristles are very soft and so it works great with my 2 and 4 year old. It goes great with our detangler sprays. After using it the hair is softer and smoother than with any of my plastic brushes.
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