How to Do Dry Brushing

1. Make sure your skin is dry and you don’t have any products or lotions on.

2. Take your dry brush and start gently brushing your skin making long sweeping motions starting at your feet, brushing in the direction towards your heart. Some people prefer to do circular motions.

3. Start brushing from your feet, making your way up both legs.

4. Brush from your belly button down to your lower abdomen, then from your belly button up towards your heart.

5. Next, work from your hands to your chest, do one arm at a time. Then brush downward from the bottom of your neck towards the collar bone. Also, work from your lower back upwards.
You should dry brush your entire body. Some use a similar method and gently brush their face as well. However, I haven’t tried it on my face yet.

The main idea is that for dry brushing, it is important to start at your feet and make your way up the body, this allows the lymph in your body to drain optimally, such as near your collar bone.

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