How to Choose a Sophisticated Headband
Headbands come in a range of styles, from thick to thin and stiff to flexible. There are also a number of materials used to make bands.

1. Opt for a thick headband over a thin headband. Thin headbands tend to serve a more practical use, while thick headbands generally look more decorative. Some thin headbands may create a sophisticated look, but you will have a far easier time creating that look with a thicker band.

2. Avoid novelty headbands. Novelty bands are typically seen around holidays or special events. They often feature attachments like reindeer antlers or rabbit ears. Other novelty bands may simply have a holiday themed print, such as shamrocks or pumpkins. Neither type is sophisticated, however, and all novelty headbands should be avoided when trying to create a mature style.
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3. Consider a leather headband for professional occasions. In a broad sense, "leather" headbands refer to any headband covered in suede, vinyl, or genuine leather. These bands typically have a very structured, unadorned look to them that works well with many office dress codes.

4. Play with a crochet headband for a feminine, delicate touch. Crochet headbands may be made of stiff yarn or a variety of other materials. In most cases, the band is not stiff, like a standard headband is, but floppy. It stays fixed on the head through elastic. They usually have a colorful, flowery appearance that looks very feminine.

5. Look at fabric headbands for a comfortable, versatile option. Fabric headbands can be made from a number of materials in a wide range of colors and patterns. Many fabric bands are stretchy and elastic, while others are consist of soft fabric glued onto a stiff headband base. For more sophisticated styles, look for fabric bands made from glossy materials.

6. Try a few plastic headbands for a wide selection. Plastic headbands are likely the most common and most varied. Many plastic bands are considered casual, but many others are molded into a range of classy shapes and designs that make them suitable for sophisticated looks.
7. Keep your hair in place with a toothed headband. These bands have small plastic teeth along the band to help keep it in place. Individuals with thin hair may benefit the most from these bands since they slide around less than headbands without teeth typically do. Many stylish headbands also come with teeth, especially bands made from plastic.
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