How flexible do you need the pillow to be?
Flexibility does not just refer to the actual feeling of the travel pillow, it refers to how adaptable the travel pillow can be towards suiting your needs. Some travel pillows allow for air to be added in addition to an already a solid center. This can be advantageous for different environments, such as when the situation calls for a harder pillow or someone else uses it.

The best travel pillow for long haul flights can differ in both price and comfort than the one for a car ride in both price and flexibility – so it is worth considering. The best travel pillow for airplanes usually provides much more support than the average travel pillow.

Another consideration is whether you want a flat pillow or one that curls around your neck. The best neck pillow for flying is generally one that clings around your neck as they offer more support. For camping and other uses, the best neck pillow for travel can be a flat one as it is generally more comfortable. Obviously, the best neck pillow travel will differ based on your individual preferences.

How much space will it take up?
Once you’ve decided on the type of pillow you need to think about when it is not in use. How much space will it take up? Where will you put it when it is not in use? And how heavy will it be?

Inflatable travel pillows are much easier to pack in a suitcase or bag. Pillows made of foam don’t have that luxury. So if you prefer a pillow filled with foam you’ll need to be sure you can carry it around when not in use. Many of the travel pillows for necks are small and can fit in a case if you need it to.
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