Guide For Facial Steamers


    Facial steamers vary drastically in size and water capacity. Each product’s water tank can range in size from as little as 7ml of water to more than 500ml. Lower capacity products are extremely portable, while high capacity products are common for spas and professional use. The more water the facial steamer holds, the longer the steamer can run. For example, 50ml of water can provide approximately 10 minutes of use before you must refill the water tank.

    Steam Output

    Some facial steamers provide very little steam output, while others offer powerful amounts. The amount of steam will vary by model, design, and size. Smaller capacity products will have less intense steam output, which helps it last for longer periods of time. Additionally, the nozzle of the device will affect how much steam hits your face. Some products feature a narrow nozzle which directs the steam to a very specific area, whereas wide-mouthed facial steamers provide expansive facial coverage.


    Some facial steamers may only provide warm steam, cold steam, or options for both. As you look for a facial steamer, you want to pay attention to the temperature of steam it provides as each offers different benefits to your skin. Warm steam is ideal to open pores and clean them out. It washes away excess oil and bacteria from the skin and improves circulation. Cold mist helps tighten skin and prevents sagging and wrinkles. It is ideal for keeping skin look young, while also closing pores.


    Facial steamers can be large and bulky or fit in your purse. Depending on when, where and how often you want to use your facial steamer, it will affect what type of device you should consider. Mini steamers are hand-held and can be placed in a purse or in a desk drawer. Many home products are compact and feature carrying handles that allow you to easily move them around your home. Larger capacity products are much more difficult to store and even move from room to room.


    Facial steamers can vary drastically in price. You can find a mini facial steamer for $20 or a professional product that can cost more than $200. Products less than $40 are facial steamers designed for home use. These products have small water tanks, meaning they have shorter running times. These devices are also fairly basic with few advanced features. Products $100 and less are still ideal for home use but offer more features and have larger water capacities. These products may have UV lights that sterilize the water, aromatherapy options, towel warmers and you may also use it as a humidifier if desired. Facial steamers greater than $100 are products that you will typically see in spas. These items are versatile, extremely easy to clean and can run for long periods of time. These facial steamers are much larger and less portable than less expensive items.

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