Guide For Best Electronic Foot Files

It’s usually fairly easy to maintain healthy, glowing skin on your body. A little moisturizing cream and exfoliating scrub are typically all it takes to keep skin soft, supple, and smooth. But areas of the body with thick skin – like your feet – can present a serious challenge. Moisturizing and scrubbing alone often aren’t enough to give your feet the TLC they need, which is why an electronic foot file is such a handy tool for your next at-home pedicure.

The constant friction from shoes can easily cause rough and sometimes painful calluses on your feet, and sometimes it takes an abrasive file to buff the thickened skin away. But using a manual file to smooth your feet can be time-consuming and exhausting. With an electronic file, you can finish your pedicure in half the time – and get better results, too.

But first, you have to choose the right electronic foot file. With so many options on the market, shopping can certainly be difficult. Our handy guide makes the process much easier. It has all the tips you need to choose the ideal electronic foot file for your next pedicure. If you’re still a little confused, check out our top picks.

Key considerations

Cordless vs. corded

Most electronic foot files are cordless devices that run on batteries, so they can be used anywhere. Some models run on replaceable batteries (AA and AAA are the most common). However, many electronic foot files use a rechargeable battery. You simply place the file in a docking station that’s plugged into an outlet to recharge the battery.

There are also some corded electronic foot files that must be plugged into an outlet for operation. That can limit the rooms or areas where you’re able to use the file, but it also means you’ll never need to charge or replace batteries when it’s time to give yourself a pedicure


The roller may be the most important component of an electronic foot file because it’s the part that files away the dead, rough skin on your feet. The roller must be abrasive so it can buff away dry, hardened skin, but it shouldn’t be so rough that it’s painful to use.

Some electronic foot files include multiple rollers with a few different textures, such as extra-coarse, coarse, and fine. For skin on your feet, that’s especially dry and hard, you’ll likely need an extra-coarse roller. For skin that’s only a bit dry, a fine roller may be sufficient.

For the most versatility, opt for a file that comes with multiple rollers that are easy to swap in and out, so you won’t waste time changing the roller in the middle of a pedicure 

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