Five Ways To Roll Hair

Five ways to roll hair

1. Classic Curl  

    This is our favorite type of curl since it is by far the easiest! The first thing to do is to wrap your hair flat around the curling barrel. Make sure that there are no spaces between the wraps of hair around the barrel – it should resemble a ribbon.

    Make sure that you are curling your hair between 10-15 seconds so that it sets. Then, release the curl into your palm and let it set for a few seconds. As you will see, a very classic curl comes out – perfect for prom, a nice dinner out or any other special occasion.

    2. Natural Curl

    The start of this curl is similar to the classic curl. Grab a section of hair and wrap the top part away from the barrel and hold it for a few seconds.

    Then, use the remaining hair and curl it towards your face.

    The reason why you should curl part of your hair away from your face and the other part towards your face, is to create a natural looking curl that is multi-directional. Release the curl into your palm and let it sit for a few seconds before releasing it completely.

    3. Tight Curl 

    Yes – you CAN use a one-inch barrel to create tight curls! The only thing is that you have to work with smaller sections of hair. Start by taking a very small section and place it on the barrel. The main difference between this curl and the classic curl is that you need to keep space between the wraps.

    If your hair is long, you will not be able to fit all of your hair at one time on the barrel. If that’s the case, simply curl the top part of the section first, then release it and curl the remaining bottom part afterward. If you have really long hair, this might take you a long time – but it’s worth it since you’ll be left with really cute tight curls!

    4. Twist Curl 

    4. Twist Curl Grab a small section of hair and twist it away from your face.

    As you twist it, curl it really tight around the barrel.

    Release it into your palm and let it cool down in your hand. You will get an interestingly shaped curl that ends up looking like a nice beach wave.

    5.Loose Wave

    This last option is great for when you are in a rush since you will be working with bigger sections of hair. If you ever wonder how to get loose waves with a curling iron, this is it. Take a thick section and place it around the barrel.

    As you curl your hair, don’t just hold it in place, instead, do a slight rolling motion (up and down). You should get a gorgeous loose wave as a result!

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